The future of the Universe and Life on Earth

What will happen in the future? What destiny awaits me, my beloved, and the world in general? Show me a person that haven’t asked themselves this question at least once in their life! We all ask it, but expression ‘future’ means something different to each of us.

Most people would imagine five, ten, or perhaps fifty years. They think about a scope of time in which they can still imagine themselves treading the ground under their feet, or at least the children of their children doing so. Therefor you have many people talking about the foreseeable future, in terms of economic, healthcare, population growth, wars, artificial intelligence, and other subjects.

At Destiny 3000 we look at things differently, and consider 50 years a very short time. When we look at the past, how long it took mankind to populate the Earth, and how long we’ve already been here, thinking about the next 50 years as the future may easily seem ridiculous.


Magical year 3,000

We decided to make a compilation of theories that go beyond our lifespan and imagination of many. What will happen in year 3,000–that’s the question we try to analyze and answer with your help?

How will people live on Earth? Won’t we extinct ourselves before year 3,000? Will religion still exist? Is Messiah going to come? What is our destiny?

Collecting and analyzing various theories, we regularly update this page and our list. If you have your own idea about year 3,000, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Will the world still exist in a thousand years?

The most fundamental question about the future of humanity is whether we will actually still populate the Earth, in a thousand years from now. There are many theories that touch the subject. Most of them, unsurprisingly, don’t give us good chances.

Christians believe that Jesus will come one more time and mark the end of the world as we know it today. According to the leaders of Catholic Church, it should happen in the following way:

Christ will come in glory to achieve the definitive triumph of good over evil which, like the wheat and the tares, have grown up together in the course of history.

When he comes at the end of time to judge the living and the dead, the glorious Christ will reveal the secret disposition of hearts and will render to each man according to his works, and according to his acceptance or refusal of grace.

Following what all the boards and church representatives say, the day of Christ’s second coming is near. You won’t find a single Church leader who’d say that it would not have happened before we started the forth millennium.

The prediction failed many times

Luckily for us, Church leaders have been predicting the end of the world for a long time already. Actually since the very early days of their religion, they believed Jesus would come soon. In ten, maybe twenty years. Alas, it haven’t happened yet, and there aren’t any real signs (that hadn’t been here always before) suggesting that Jesus should come and mark the end of our Earthly existence. But as always and with every theory, you never know….


Environmental and food problems

Messiah isn’t the only one who could mark an end to our Earthly existence. Famine, excessive air and water pollution, biological catastrophe, or epidemic of a deadly incurable virus can very well send us packing–forever.

According to the scientists from Angela Ruskin University, we’ll experience dramatic food shortages as soon as in 2040!

Most of you surely think the following–people in rich countries won’t be affected by food shortages.

Well, nothing can be farther from truth. Eating is our very basic need, standing on the bottom of the pyramid. Juts imagine how angry or nervous you sometimes get when waiting excessively for your meal in a restaurant, or when forced to skip one or two meals during the day.

Lack of food on a dramatic scale will result in other, even more dramatic events. People will start fighting for food, stealing, and possibly even killing–just to survive, following their most basic instincts. The conflicts will erupt on the levels of families, villages, countries, and later on the international scale.

Everything relates to everything and it would be a fallacy to believe that in a situation of severe food shortages in the world, rich people were safe and continued to strive….


Deadly Illness

Theories (and there are many) that claim that human population will die as a result of deadly epidemic illness may seem ridiculous to smart people. Our medicine is getting ever more sophisticated after all, and we can both discover and treat illnesses with a speed unmatched in history.

On the other hand, however, our immune system weakens with every single generation. People are prone to injuries and diseases. Many children suffer from illnesses that did not exist twenty or thirty years ago in their age group–such as severe allergies and food intolerance. Population is getting more obese each year as well, which doesn’t give us good prospects for the future.

If a strong and unexpected illness attacked the population, let’s say in year 2200, where we’ll be even more obese and prone to illnesses, it would have catastrophic consequences. Such an epidemic can be spread both naturally and artificially. Military scientists (those we pay from our taxes) farm dangerous viruses and biological weapons they plan to use one day against the ‘enemy’, or to protect ‘their country’. They do not realize that outbreak of an illness can hardly be controlled, and isolated.

Summarized and underlined, the theory of humanity dying as a result of an epidemic disease doesn’t belong only to science fiction. If we continue living the way we do today, eating garbage, not moving, and polluting the Earth, we may as well fall victim to the disease one day–and it won’t have to be that strong to kill us.

World war III. – The end of the world?

Albert Einstein famously said:

I do not know how the Third World War will be fought, but I can tell you what they will use in the Fourth — rocks!

Saying so, he was suggesting that if we fight Third World War, we’ll all die. The technology, the history, the science–nothing will be left for the future generations. The humanity will die, and, according to Einstein, come to populate Earth once again. Those are the words you can read in between the lines of his quote.

Who knows, maybe this has happened already before, and we aren’t the first generation on Earth. Our predecessors might have destroyed themselves with nuclear weapons as well, and the same sad fate could meet our generation … unless we learn from our mistakes and stop the military propaganda.


End of the humanity won’t mark the end of the world

Valuch, in his fascinating work of art called University of Solitude, doesn’t care much about the end of humanity. Similarly to Einstein, he expects the life to continue, just without us. New species will come, Sun will continue to shine (until it also ends its journey).

Once upon a time, a first man walked on the planet Earth; someday, the last one will do so, too. Even the moon itself will end his journey one day, rising one last time, bringing joy to future inhabitants of Earth and of Earth’s prisons. Then he will disappear and never come back. The planets, the stars, a part of the universe, or maybe even the entire universe, will one day end, as suddenly as they had come into being a long time ago. Will the whole world end, though? I don’t think so.

If we forget ourselves for a while, and observe the situation in the world, we necessarily arrive at the conclusion that humanity is heading towards the Third World War. Unless we learn how to live in harmony, and share our wealth with the poor, we won’t avoid the outbreak of a global conflict. It may happen in ten years, twenty, or hundred. But unless we change the way we live, the conflict will eventually break out and we may all die in the conflict.


Earth in year 3,000

Let’s suppose that we’ll survive all the trails. Let’s imagine that Einstein, scientists, Christian speakers, and philosophers were wrong, and that we won’t destroy ourselves until year 3,000 arrives. How will the Earth look like then? And what about us, the human race?

It is not easy to forecast what will happen tomorrow, let alone in a thousand years. We can use time row analysis (looking at the events in the past, trying to assess the future), but this method is very inaccurate in long term predictions for a simple reason: the world is changing with an ever-growing velocity, and we don’t have enough data from the past, to make solid scientific base for our analysis. But following some recent trends, we may objectively come up with several predictions. Most of them are rather scary….


Robots will rule the world

Following the unmatched speed of development in the area of artificial intelligence (think fifty years before and today), it’s highly unlikely that robots won’t surpass their human creators by the end of third millennium.

Soon enough they’ll be able to care for basic jobs, then tackle more advanced tasks, and then even the most complicated. One day a moment will arrive when a robot will accomplish the most difficult feat–to construct another robot, without getting any instructions from his human “leader”. When it happens, robots will be able to reproduce themselves, and considering their toughness and skills in such a moment, they’ll easily take control over mankind, and possibly make from us slaves.

99% of us won’t have children anymore

According to many leading scientists, including Michel Odent, our ability to reproduce is at serious risk. In some countries like Japan, many men are becoming impotent already.

The scientists aren’t sure about the reason for this alarming trend, however. Some believe it is related to the change of our lifestyle and environment, which has diverted significantly from our original habitat.

We don’t walk enough anymore, we are obese, we take excessive amounts of drugs that necessarily leave traces in our body and organs (including the genitals). What’s even worse–even if you try eating healthy and exercising daily, even if you limit your stress levels to minimum and do your best to live healthy, you won’t escape. The air is extremely polluted, the levels of drinkable water decrease in all countries, and actually even the ground is getting more and more damaged and drained.

Since we can not escape our environment, we are all at risk of becoming impotent. Considering the current trends in society and how little people care, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll still be fertile in year 3,000!


Average IQ will be below 80

Technology doesn’t only make lives simpler. It makes people more stupid as well. Since we don’t need to be creative anymore, finding all the answers and solutions to our problems on the internet–which is available to us everywhere and 24/7–our intelligence decreases with every other year.

IQ is nothing more than an ability to tackle the unknown, to create something unique, to solve a difficult problem. But as the technology evolves, we don’t need those skills anymore, as well as many other skills. Soon enough you won’t even need a driver license, because men won’t be allowed to drive–the cars will drive for us!

The cars will drive, the robots will solve the most difficult and even the most simple tasks, and we’ll consult the internet for everything…. We’ll get stupid, losing our creativity form good.

Making people stupid is one of the primary goals of the true world rulers–media magnates, politicians, religious leaders, top-level businessmen. We can actually already observe it happening in Middle East or United States of America. Stupid people are easily manipulated and brainwashed. They are becoming ever more poor, unhealthy, and dependent on their rulers. Scary trend indeed today already, so imagine how it will look like when the vast majority of population won’t even reach IQ score of ninety….


We’ll all be black, or Arabic

Talking about the way we’ll look like (our bodies and health)–I prefer not to imagine that…. But one thing is certain: Comparing the fertility levels in white population with the fertility levels in the rest of the world, we can see that in several hundred years, the ‘white race’ will belong to history.

All inhabitants of Earth will be either black or Arabic, or the mix of the two. Now we do not say it is good or bad–we just say how things will turn out, and how we will look like, in terms of color of our skin (if we still have skin by the end of third millennium).


The world map will be totally different

If you look at the map of the world depicting the nations and countries back in year 1,000, and compare it to the maps we use today, you can clearly see how much has changed in the world.

Once we reach year 3,000, many countries won’t exist anymore. The big or small–nobody is secure. The world will likely split to several superpowers–international organizations that will consist of individual countries as we know them today, in year 2016. Just they won’t have their names anymore….

In another alternative theory, the world will be a complete chaos, and countries will isolate themselves from the rest of the world (we can observe such trends already, e.g. the current politics of the US). All international bonds and agreements will lose power, and we’ll actually return back to old times, trying to live self-sufficiently within our borders and territories.

Due to the threat of a world-wide nuclear conflict hanging in the air, countries will be afraid to attack each other, and will try to survive within their territories and resources.


An attack from space

The vast majority of modern scientist (including some from the ranks of Christians) believe that we aren’t alone in the Universe.

Should extraterrestrial civilization make a contact with us prior to year 3,000, or perhaps even invade the Earth, the events would unfold differently. People could be enslaved or even killed, or, in a better scenario, aliens would teach us how to live in harmony and help us to correct the mess we made on Earth during the recent centuries.

One way or another, if a civilization existed somewhere in the space, and was developed enough to make a contact with the Earth, they would certainly have power to do whatever they pleased with us. If we encounter the aliens before reaching year 3,000 of our calendar, our future will be decided by them, not by us.

Have your word

Do you also have an interesting theory regarding our destiny in year 3000, or know someone who has one? Please let us know so we can research and publish it.